Woodshedding is a project that was born in a coffee shop. It absorbed the warmth, the conversations, the community - and created music from it. It grew in numbers; it formed common goals. It took to the basements and became a band.

“Tiger Lily” was written and recorded throughout this process. The EP was tracked in the backseat of a Chevy Malibu to avoid noise conflicts with housemates, and combines solo acoustic concepts with hints of a full band that would develop towards the time of its release. It is raw, developmental, and even unsure at certain moments. It captures an important time in the band’s history and conveys an honest message of self discovery.

Today the band consists of Elijah Bloome (singer and songwriter), James Etienne (bass), Kyle Ossont (violin), and Matt Kopec (drums). They’ve spent the last semester playing consistent shows, working on their live sound, and recording a sophomore EP titled “Moon Lily” that continues the story!